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Bible Devotions and Study Aids

Daily Devotions

We highly recommend that you sign up for the emailed devotional "Days of Praise" by the Institute for Creation Research.  http://www.icr.org/icr-devotionals/ .

AIG has two devotionals from which to choose: the Spurgeon AM and PM devotions, and the Biblical Authority Devotional.  These are not emailed, but can can be found at https://answersingenesis.org/education/devotionals/


Online Bible Study Aids:


What the Bible Says About...

Another web tool is the logos Bible search. It is another helpful tool to use in searching the Bible.

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Online Parallel Bible

Find Bible verses in many languages and translations.

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Free Download of Bible Software

KJV (Authorized Version, 1769) Search:




Audio Bibles:

Audio Bibles in numerous Languages and Versions

Bible Gateway Audio Page



Audio Sermons:


Sermon Audio.com also has a web radio tray tool that you can download to your desk top for your convenience. They also have wonderful preaching and sacred music, along with the latest unbiased news from around the world!


Creation Resources:


Alpha Omega Institute



Answers in Genesis



Institute for Creation Research






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